How to Confidently Unlock the Secret to the Law of Attraction

Turn your mind into a powerful tool to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.


Taught by Tiff & Jack

In This Masterclass


Identify the fastest path to enjoying more success and abundance (without will power or force).

Discover how your positive thinking may be slowing you down.

Learn the eye-popping truth about being radically centered in self and how it holds the KEY to inner happiness.

Understand the 5 Key Steps to Manifesting. (They are the same no matter what you're manifesting.)

"Tiff & Jack taught me the power of manifesting. We found the perfect house for $80,000 LESS THAN WE WERE WILLING TO PAY. It couldn't have been possible for our house-buying process to go more smoothly."

Eric M.
Seattle, Washington

Want to Experience More Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Peace of Mind, on Your Own Terms?

Join us as we walk you through what it takes and the ultra-specific steps we've used to tap into the unseen power of the Universe to do just that.

Your thoughts become your reality. This may bring up some fear in you and at the same time give you a thrill and sense of excitement.

No matter how intimidating life may feel at times, it doesn't have to stop you.

Not only will we demystify the Law of Attraction, but we'll equip you with the steps necessary to unleash the hidden hand of the Universe in your behalf, immediately!

A Note from Tiff & Jack...

We've relied on the Universe every step of the way in living our passion-filled relationship, blending our family of 6 kids, building our international life coaching business and even right down to each and every recording of our hit podcast. 

We've pinpointed the exact ingredients that differentiate a life filled with ease and clarity... and one that's frought with sadness and deep frustration, where it feels like nothing works out.

Our goal is to help you sidestep the major setbacks of manifesting, so that you can confidently get on the path to living your BEST LIFE right NOW...  Because YOU MATTER and there's some serious ENJOYMENT you're here TO HAVE.


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