*Private Empath Class, only for Members of "Connected Empath"

Activate Your Empath Gift of "Clear Sight"  and Disarm the Controllers (aka Narcissists) in Your Life!

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Presenter: Tiffany Walker

Tiffany Walker is the founder and creator of the #1 Empath Energy Management System found in her online program, "Empath Rising Level 1." 

In this class you will learn...

Activate Your "Inner Sight"

Learn the SECRET behind accessing your Empath Gift of "inner sight" in a quick and safe manner. Be in control and know how to use it on-demand with narcissists or anytime you need it.

What a Narcissist is... Really!!

Break free from the controllers in your life. No more manipulation.

5 Ways to Get a Narcissist to Leave You Alone

Easily recognize the telltale signs of a narcissist when when meeting someone.

Why Empaths and Narcissists are NOT the Same!

If you've ever wondered if you're a narcissist, we have GREAT news for you! 


  • Group Energy Clearing by Tiff during Class, FORTIFYING YOU against the controllers in your life!
  • LIVE Q&A with Tiff at end of Class where you can ASK YOUR Empath QUESTIONS!

If you've ever asked yourself if you're a narcissist... we have REALLY good news for you!

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