April 2017 Special from Tiff & Jack

Each Energy Clearing/Healing Session with Tiff lasts 60 minutes and is completed via Facebook messenger which gives you a complete copy of the entire session when completed.

The session cost is normally $200, but for the month of April 2017, we're offering the special price of $157.

Very Limited Availability

Be sure to get your session booked right away.









"I have more energy and my anxiety is way down. I'm so ready to take the next leap into my life. This is precisely what I needed to take my stress away and set me on the right path."

Eric Morley
Seattle, WA

"Amazing!! After working with Tiff I discovered so many new things about myself and I'm feeling so much more comfortable because I finally understand who I am! It's literally unreal. I'm beyond grateful."

Jaycee Mae Dix
Salt Lake City, UT

"After a session with Tiff I enjoy a sense of calm and feel like I know myself better. Often I have felt that everything about me didn’t quite go together, as if there are missing pieces. Tiff shows me those pieces in our sessions. I see the world more clearly, and realize more deeply that we’re all connected. What a gift!"

Kelly Verstraete

"Working with you has opened me up to so much more. I love the fact that I feel more energized and my business is running more efficiently on less effort. Even though I still have some down times, everything feels less overwhelming and easier."

Trish Vierra

"After my session with Tiff, I slept better than I had in months. Usually I have tons of anxiety running through me. Today...NONE, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Thank you, thank you."

Michele Hazelwood

"My thoughts and energy around money and finances has been totally reprogrammed because of sessions with Tiff & Jack. I used to have so much fear, so much anxiety, so much doom...and now, the majority of the time, everything is lighter! "

Ashley Wilkinson