185 - Mindfulness Matters (and why)

You may hear the word “mindfulness” and not even notice because it’s a big buzzword. Lots of people talk about it. Classes are taught about it. Podcasts are recorded about it. And when it starts popping in all around us… our brain tunes it out.

Hey! Time to wakey, wakey. 

What if we told you there’s a way to feel measurably better in seconds? And it’s something you can do any time, anywhere, with anyone, or alone. Would you stop and consider it?

At this very second while you’re reading this, what device are you reading this on? Is it cool or warm to the touch? Is this device important to you? Why? Who invented it? Why did they invent it? How does using it make your life easier? Why?

Ahhhhhhh there we go. You’re being mindful. Do you FEEL it? 

Let’s take a deeper dive, shall we?!




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