Meet Tiff & Jack

Tiff's secret weapon is being a Teacher and a Coach. She takes the complex and makes it extremely  understandable. She's a Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Healer, Wife of the century, Mother of 6 AND is as Empath and one can be.

Jack is an awesome Coach, fine Businessman, and can put anyone into a hypnotic trance that makes them feel like they're floating on a cloud of comfort. 

Yes they do have credentials… both are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners, TIME Technique Practitioners, and Certified CORE Success Coaches. And have been coaching clients for 11 years and counting. 

More than their teaching and coaching and hypnotizing people, they LOVE love. They love laughing. They love Friday "date day" every week. They love their 6 kids and their sweet little grand nugget. And they LOVE helping Empaths stop being controlled by overwhelm and other people's negative energy--they LOVE that!

If you want to be a fly-on-the-wall and get a sneak peek into the real life going's on, listen to their podcast, “The Tiff & Jack Show.”