STEP 1: Are you an Empath?

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others?

Do you feel your own emotions amplified often?

Chances are, you might be an Empath!

It's completely normal to feel this way, and we're here to help.

 We've designed an assessment to help you determine whether you possess the traits of an Empath.

So, take a few minutes to complete the assessment and gain insight into your emotions today!


STEP 2: Join our Empath Tribe Facebook group


We are an inclusive group for anyone who identifies as an Empath or highly sensitive person (HSP). 

Our Empath Tribe Facebook group is the perfect place to find support and connection if you're looking for a high-vibe (and we're serious about it being HIGH-VIBE) community of like-minded Empaths and HSP's.

Whether you're brand new to your empathic abilities, or you're an experienced Empath feeling isolated or misunderstood, our group offers a safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and connect with others who share similar experiences.

So, if you're looking to deepen your understanding of what it means to be an Empath, and connect with a community of supportive and like-minded individuals, we invite you to join our Empath Tribe Facebook group today!



Empath School Enrollment

As an Empath, it can be challenging to prioritize your own needs and put your wellbeing, and emotional wellness, first. 

Empath School Personal Track is specifically designed to help you unlock your full potential as an Empath, and experience all the benefits that come with it.

Through our unique process, we help you overcome the challenges that face most Empaths, and give you the MAP and the daily support that guides you HOME to your naturally joyful and abundant life.

We support you to break free from the old "stories" that have been keeping you feeling stuck, mastering your Empath abilities, and enjoying measurable personal growth.

Empath School and Tiff & Jack help you open to a world of possibilities, including: heightened intuition, enhanced creativity, better relationships, and so much more.

If you're seeking high-level guidance and support to help you achieve greater personal and life fulfillment, Empath School Personal Track is designed to provide you with that support.

"But, how do I know for sure whether or not Empath School is right for me?"

  1. You're someone that KNOWS there's more good for you here in life but you just haven't been able to "find" it yet!
  2. You're eager to deepen your understanding of your Empath abilities and take your journey to the next level.
  3. You're seeking high-level guidance and support to help you achieve greater joy, harmony, peace, well-being, abundance, and fulfillment.

  4. You understand that as an Empath, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being and learn ways of effectively managing your emotions, but haven't figured out HOW.

  5. You're looking to unlock your full potential and go beyond self-help books and free resources.

  6. You're committed to your personal expansion and evolving into higher states of consciousness

  7. You're ready to do something different because you're tired of doing-what-you've-always-done and expecting a different result. 😳😘

If this is you, you're qualified and ready to go to the next level of your evolution.

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