We work with two kinds of empaths.


Empaths who want to feel better...


If you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out.

And find yourself saying "yes" when you really want to say NO. 

And overdelivering until you're tapped out...

You're on the fast track to a nervous or mental breakdown and chronic pain. 

Don't worry, there's a way to turn this all around in very short order.

Three words . . .





I want to feel better!

And empaths who want to make $$$ using their spiritual skills...


You're gifted (or skilled as we like to call it). You're trained in Reiki. You're a tarot card reader. You see "dead" people.

You know you want to make a positive impact in the world.

You feel called.

And with that "calling" you just wish it came with an instruction manual showing you how to do it.

But you just don't know how to turn your skills into consistent income.

The beginning stages of any business requires a certain amount of grit AND strategy.

Getting your first clients doesn't require magic, it requires you connecting with people, telling them who you are, AND making offers to help.

Yep! You get out there and tell the world who you are and how you can help.

Jack gives you the foundational tools to market yourself and get new clients on the books.

While Tiff gives you clear direction and insight into best practices for your unique spiritual skills.

And the beauty of making money using your god-given spiritual skills, is that you get to believe in YOU as you do it.


I want to make money!