empath happiness Oct 31, 2022

Hello friend. As I ponder this morning about life and love, I'm experiencing deep feelings of happiness. At 51 I've figured some shit out.

One of which is how to be happy.

Here's the skinny...

I was not always happy. There were years and years I spent in bed with crippling depression. Honestly I just wanted to take a dirt nap. I was the poster child for unhappiness and despair.

As I look back on my life I can share with you one of the biggest reasons for my misery was that I wasn't being a version of myself that I loved. I was hiding all that I could be, in fear that I'd be rejected. I was terrified of the world. I kept myself sick and isolated in fear that someone or something would hurt me somehow.

As you can see, Mama has come out to play.

If you will do me the honor, I would love to share what happiness looks like to me.

Happiness is...

Waking next to my favorite human, eating breakfast in bed, mind blowing sex, making food for my family and friends aka kitchen witch, going to lunch with our loves, mastering self care and loving the fuck out of myself, taking care and having fun with my grandbabies, making and spending money, thriving in busines, teaching our students how to rock the world, laughing at inappropriate humor, laughing with my sweetheart in the middle of the day, drinking wine with friends, having family parties, Christmas shopping in July, going to fancy restaurants´┐╝, laughing and talking to our incredible kids, living my passion and making a difference in the world, eating chocolate, talking about things that matter, watching the fall leaves dance, making holliday plans, wearing diamonds, laying in bed while I do remote healings all over the world, smelling my hubby's cologne on his shirts when dropping them off to the dry cleaner, driving my Volvo, road trips, singing, bubble baths, sharing our home with others, decorating my house, shopping for treasures at Trader Joe's, eating incredible food, watching movies, playing with my friends, but most importantly, happiness is knowing that I get to have any life I want by making the decision to have it. What a gift.

People say I am lucky, well, luck is an illusion. I am truly blessed, but not because of any other reason than I choose it.

We are all creators or our life.

Today I want you to choose three things that feel good to you and do them.

As you practice this you will find more and more happiness and your luck will change. ­čśë


P.S. Have I told you how much I love my 50's?! Best years so far!


Mama Tiff