Joy and Adversity

adversity empath joy Dec 25, 2022


Wow! I cannot believe it's Christmas day.

What an amazing season it's been.

It has been full of joy AND adversity all at the same time!

It's been a time of speaking up, setting intense boundaries, loss of loved ones and taking wild action even when I'm tired or sad.

So much emotion about many things and plenty of opportunities to trust the Universe.

The Universe never fails me.


I've spent days in the kitchen making food or our Christmas Eve celebrations so Jack, the kids and I can party like rock stars!


Because I'm the Mama and this is what I do to bring certainty and joy to my family and I will do it no matter what until I'm dead.

This next week Jack and I will be taking a winter's nap so we can head into our year of creation with VERVE!

What a beautiful life this is.

Anything else would be bland.

Not interested in a vanilla life because I'm A Wild Horse!

Happy Holidays my loves!

Mama Tiff