Kissing Jack

kissing Dec 10, 2022
Do you think you should kiss on the first date? Why or why not?
My first kiss with Jack was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced.It happened 3 years after we met.  
I had never felt so connected to another soul as I did with his. It was like our lips were created for each other and I had finally come home.
After all these years we cannot keep our lips off each other.
Here are some fun facts about kissing...
  • "When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more.
  • Two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss.
  • When you kiss someone your heart beats faster and more oxygen reaches your brain.
  • Endorphins released during kissing bring on waves of euphoria
  • Kissing triggers the release of oxytocin in your body.
  • Kissing in a relationship is related to how satisfied people say they are in that relationship.
  • The world record for the longest kiss stands at well over two days.
  • Your lips have a disproportionate number of nerve endings compared to other parts of your body.
  • When your lips touch someone else’s 5 out of 12 of your cranial nerves are engaged.
  • Over time, kissing lowers your levels of stress hormone cortisol, making you feel all safe and secure
  • Most people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex."

Now, go kiss!


Mama Tiff