It's Good to Charge Money for Your Skills

Nov 29, 2022


You have gifts, talents, and something to offer the world. 

In fact, I believe that we all do.

When offering what you have, it's important to experience an equal exchange. This keeps the flow of energy clear and the drain/resentments at bay.

When  I say “equal exchange” I’m talking about the law of giving and receiving.

Being a teacher and healer, I have had the opportunity to teach thousands of people over the years that are highly gifted and struggle with charging for their gifts.

Whether you're a healer, dentist, nurse or anything else, you're here to make a living and to thrive.

I want to remind you that you are here to give and RECEIVE.

If you don’t learn to receive, you'll become worn out and pissed, leaving you with nothing to “give” at all.

Friend! It's okay and good for you to charge for your service.

This is the only way to thrive.

Read this post again.

Love and kisses,

Mama Tiff