Motherhood, My Cup of Tea

mothering May 14, 2023

Twenty six years ago I became a mother for the first time. That day change my life forever in so many deep ways.

Since then I have become a mother 5 more times.

When I was little I knew that I would have 6 kids...3 boys and 3 girls.

 I prayed for those 6 kids and my future husband every night from the age of 5.

 No joke.

 I would ask God to tell my children I love them and that I’m waiting for them and to please protect my future husband.

As a mother I have learned my deepest lessons of selflessness and surrender.

 My children are my greatest teachers and my job as their mom is my number one priority.

Motherhood keeps me present and awake because there is always something to help the children figure out.

This does not change when they are adults by-the-way.

Motherhood is a continual practice in surrender and faith because kids are always making independent decisions that we have no say in.

I’m so glad to KNOW the Universe has their back and that their best and highest good is in everything.

Motherhood is a practice of unconditional love. No matter what children do or experience they always need their mama to love and accept them, that is my place and will always be.

Motherhood gives so much to look forward to. I get to create the space for our children to come home and connect with each other and to celebrate life. I freakin love that!

I have never had a deeper experience than motherhood. It has shaped and unraveled me into the Goddess I AM.

My wisdom for this day...

Being the lifelong and continual place of certainty and love for my children, expands my depth and deepens my wisdom, every single day.

I’m honored to be a wife and mother.

Love to you this day.

Mama Tiff