A Witch and Her Seasons

spring equinox Mar 20, 2023


I guess I'm a witch. 😉 I love cats, magic and nature with her seasons. In fact I must live in a place where I experience 4 distinct seasons. This gives me well being.

Now  don't get your panties in a bunch! I'm not a witch that will hex you (unless you hurt my children of course), I'm the kind that will heal you with hugs and kisses and decadent foods. Bahahaha

As many of you know I love life and the celebration of it. This goes deep for me. Very deep. With each season there is a change in vibration all around us that moves us into a new rhythm. Many don't recognize the shifts. I on the other hand, live and thrive by these vibrations. They feed and soothe me. They enliven and thrill me. These rhythms transform my life.

In the SPRING there is a breath of arousal and NEW life that blows through my core. My sensual nature begins to flow which creates NEW passions and ideas to move through my mind and body. It opens me to NEW and exciting possibilities and gifts me with stamina for the NEW endeavors I begin.

In the SUMMER the sun fuels much of my focus and drives me forward. It gives me a feeling of connection to all of life as I'm reaching the climax of my hard work and patience. In the evening there are quiet moments of reflection and a primal need for the pleasures of life to recharge my labors.

In the FALL my inner Hygge comes to the surface. This is a time of celebration with the loves of my life, and time to play. My MOTHER GODDESS nature to comfort and nature is exploding and rushing out of me. My nesting of home and preparation for the cold is pulsing through my veins. Im getting ready for vast stillness. This is the time of year that resonates with my soul the most.

The WINTER inspires me to rest and think. This is a "letting go of the old" time. This is also a time of wild reflection and the redesigning of my mind from the last year's learnings. I sleep, read, study and plant next years desires into the field of possibility. With the cold and dreary comes my guttural tears and inward purging as I recharge and prepare to be born again into a life of my own design.

While the seasons are changing us, I'm dancing inside her alchemy! It is my deepest pleasure.

To me, life is a spectacular display of rapture!

Spiritual Teacher/ Healer

Mama Tiff